An advanced mobile application supported by back-office software that accurately documents the damage caused by a disaster. This supports your Project Worksheet writers to accurately determine the cost of repair and replace, item by item.

Krinkle Damage Tracker® is a complete mobile application and back-office software suite. The mobile app acts as a step-by-step guided process for users in the field. First, it ensures that even the newest of field data collection engineers can efficiently document every vital aspect of the damage required to complete an accurate Project Worksheet, while meeting and exceeding FEMA’s requirements. Second, the back-office tools make reporting on data simple and quick. It allows easy exportation of this data in a highly detailed, line item fashion, so that the data can be imported into Project Worksheet software or FEMA’s approved excel spreadsheet for Project Worksheets.
When a disaster strikes, the first step in the recovery process is assessing the emergency damage (Categories A & B), per FEMA’s requirements. Next, the damage leading to permanent work must also be collected with even greater attention to detail, in order to support your Project Worksheet. This detail must include date, time, and GPS stamping of nearly every aspect of the data collected. This proves the data is authentic. Krinkle Damage Tracker® also supports taking photographs, measurements, and inputting material types to support cost analysis. Krinkle Damage Tracker® will support your mobilized data collection team in all these damage collection processes.
The Inspector General’s Office of the Federal Government has many years to audit a Project Worksheet. Poorly documented details of damage used to obtain funding could be disastrous to any institution or jurisdiction who fails to meet these audit standards. Funding can be pulled back by the Federal Government at any time. Krinkle Damage Tracker® protects your firm as well as the jurisdictions and institutions you support.

Krinkle Damage Tracker® is a simple to use mobile application that can be downloaded onto any Apple or Android mobile device or tablet. This allows for jurisdictions, institutions and the organizations that support their Project Worksheets to begin the damage documentation process quickly and with no time wasted.

Krinkle Damage Tracker® meets and exceeds the data tracking requirements of a Project Worksheet. Our mobile application acts as a step-by-step guide for your field documentation teams. Simplify and speed up the entire funding process after a disaster. Our advanced system incorporates all of FEMA’s documented best practices, data fields, and processes. Keep your data organized, accurate, and up-to-date.

Applicants are encouraged to photograph the damage after a disaster strikes. Photos from Krinkle Damage Tracker® includes date, time, and GPS stamping as well as other “proof-of-work” elements. Incorporating “proof-of- work” photos into the damage assessment documentation illustrates the extent of damage, expedites the process, and fully supports any future audit.

During the disaster cleanup process, recording the location of damage is critical. Documenting the exact location is required for submitting accurate data records and speeding up the funding process. Our technology is fully integrated into Google Earth. This allows our users to easily and quickly create a live view in Google Earth that can be saved as a file (.KMZ and .KML file formats) and sent to others as needed. This not only provides an excellent visual as to where the exact damage is, but also includes bread crumbing and work crumbing, proving where your team has been and when they were there.

Run “ready to go” critical reports such as Site Assessment Sheets, Summary of Damages by Applicant, Potential Sub-grantee Summary Forms, and many more. These reports will make summarizing your work easy and allow you to present your data in an organized way to your clients and your internal staff. In addition to other means of extracting data (such as using the Data Explorer tool®), reporting simplifies and speeds up the needs of your Project Worksheet writers.

Krinkle Damage Tracker® includes the standard governmental “Preliminary Damage Assessment” (PDA) reports that states need from their counties, tribal regions and other jurisdictions in order to provide early estimates to FEMA.

When it comes to assessing damage, there are two categories that require evaluation:

Public Assistance (PA) and Individual Assistance (IA).

Both of these programs are supported by Krinkle Damage Tracker®. FEMA’s PA program was created to help jurisdictions inform their state governments on the estimated cost of damages to the public property. With this data, they can provide detailed Project Worksheets to FEMA for quicker funding. FEMA’s IA program is supported by allowing teams of engineers to track disaster-related damages associated with residential structures.

Post-disaster, there can be tons of data records collected by hundreds of different people. Krinkle Damage Tracker® will help keep the data collected from team to team and person to person accurate and consistent because Krinkle Damage Tracker® is much more than simply a set of forms.

It is a guided process and constant job aid.

Accurate and consistent data supports your Project Worksheet writers and keeps them on track for their deadlines.

Disaster areas are not known for their available cellular networks. Destroyed cell towers can be down for weeks and connectivity is often unavailable on the field. Krinkle Damage Tracker®’s mobile app works for hours without a network connection. A connection to a network is only needed once every day or two.



The pricing philosophy of Krinkle Damage Tracker® is simple and the price is based on use of the app during an active mission. Unlimited devices, unlimited users, and unlimited reporting are included at no additional cost. Even end-user support is incorporated. Krinkle Damage Tracker® pricing lets you know your costs prior to submitting a RFP/RFQ and ensures cost scalability, preserving your margin at all levels of use.


Contains all the required SmartForms, guided process flows, and unique user role applications needed for managing almost all damage assessment tasks requiring data collection and data reporting. All managed SmartForms and the guided processes were developed in cooperation with subject matter experts (SMEs) from FEMA and other engineering companies. No limit is placed on the number of devices running the mobile app. Download the application on as many devices as needed.


Generate reports from any PC or mobile device. Provide your customer jurisdictions with any required damage report they want. You can even give them access to the reporting tools to run reports on their own. These reports can be generated instantly, in a multitude of file formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF). Run as many reports as you need and from as many PCs or mobile devices as you would like, at no extra charge.


Sometimes formal reporting output is not what users are looking for. Data Explorer® is a quick way to view, sort, and filter the data as soon as it comes in. This allows data managers to view data and get answers to questions they may have in ways that pre-existing reports may not allow. Data Explorer® is a simple-to-use, valuable PC tool which allows data managers to easily review and organize all the data coming in from the field. Build and run custom searches with minimal training. Sorting, filtering, and exporting data to excel for any purpose is easily achieved by all data managers.

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