Krinkle Fire Door® is a smart mobile app that guides inspectors to easily adhere to NFPA 80 standards, speed up work, and automate fire barrier inspection reporting. The system tracks buildings, fire doors & frames, and fire dampers, as well as all associated inspections. An additional module even tracks the repair process associated with defects found in the inspections, and ensures that they are repaired to code.

Increase your company’s Return on Investment (ROI) by increasing the volume of inspections performed and by reducing administrative paperwork. All inspection data and identifying information about buildings, doors, and inspection work orders can be performed using a handheld tablet or phone. Eliminate paper and streamline workflow processes. Easily comply with regulations and provide record of fire doors being up to code per industry standards (NFPA 80). Krinkle Fire Door® is the perfect solution for building owners, safety managers, and inspection service companies.

Krinkle Fire Door® has been proven to increase worker’s daily productivity and decrease the amount of time it takes to do an inspection. Our mobile app achieves this by implementing a smart workflow guide in which techs go through the inspection process step-by-step with ease and using a systematic flow. With paper eliminated, effectiveness, and accuracy increases dramatically. Work orders are assigned to specific employees and only work orders assigned to them will be shown in their work queue. The outdated practice of using paper will no longer slow down your employees or take up valuable time and resources.

Krinkle Fire Door® allows you to centrally manage and assign inspection work orders using our software from the office. Store valuable information about buildings, door information within those buildings, inspection results, service repairs, and parts that may be needed to perform the repair. Once the data is collected, field techs can sync their inspection data at the touch-of-a-button, sending all the critical information to a central location and ready to be reported on. The information obtained on site will be easily attainable for years and provide records and proof-of-work that can be easily shown to customers or code enforcement personnel. The history of inspected assets isstored in our system and can be viewed if there are any questions that need to be answered. Data collected in the field will be unified and collected in the same work flow from worker to worker. Track what is happening in the field in near real time.

If a deficiency is detected during an inspection, our software will provide your technicians with all the smart forms necessary to document the critical data associated with those issues. Krinkle Fire Door® contains smart forms that are made up of separated pick lists that populate based on previous selections during the inspection. No time is wasted manually keying in information. Techs can take pictures, make notes, and include signatures. Complete more inspections per day!

Krinkle Fire Door® does not require a WiFi or cellular network connection to function. If inspection technicians are in a building with no service, they can still get the job done efficiently and without disruption. A connection is only needed to sync the data collected and can be done once a connection is established again.


Whether you’re a fire door inspection company or a facility that performs inspections internally, reporting on data collected is important. Krinkle Fire Door® comes standard with all the reports your company needs to prove compliance and ensure all doors are functioning as they should. At the touch-of-a-button, a variety of reports are available. Our professional reports will lay out the inspection data and provide the information that your company needs. Also, our reports can be branded with your company logo to make them more personal and act as a good representation of your company. Any questions management has can be answered quickly with our reporting tools.


Available in two different versions. Contact a representative to find out what version works best for your company’s needs.

Rebuild Inspector Price

Setup Fee


One Time Setup

*Includes 8 Hours of Training

Full Document Support for RFP

License Fee

$25.00 per work order

$20.00 per work order with annual contract*

Rebuild Tracker Price

Setup Fee


One Time Setup

*Includes 8 Hours of Training

Full Document Support for RFP

License Fee

$50.00 per work order

$40.00 per work order with annual contract*

Unlimited users, unlimited reports.

*Speak with a Krinkle Rebuild representative for annual contract details and terms

The Krinkle pricing philosophy is based on simple, activity-based billing with a one-time account setup fee. Only pay for what you use. We charge a single fee per main/major component work order, no matter how many stages you track or how many interim reports you run. Our software-as-a-service includes unlimited use of our mobile apps, our management reporting tools, and all software updates. We even include end-user support in our “per main/major component” price. In other words, when an engine, transmission or torque converter comes into your shop (examples of main/major components), and you enter the initial work order, you pay one fee and you never pay again for that main/major component’s work order, no matter how long that component stays in your shop or how many times you interact with it, store data or run reports about it.


Generate reports from any PC or mobile device. Provide jurisdictions with the required debris monitoring reports. You can even give them the reporting tools to run on their own. These reports can be generated instantly and can be formatted how you would like (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF). Run as many reports as you need, and do so from as many PCs or mobile devices as you would like, at no extra charge.


Contains all the required quick forms for managing and tracking the rebuild process from start to finish. All required steps and procedures will be accessible from your smart phone application. All of our included smart forms eliminate paper and keep track of main components and sub-components. Krinkle Rebuild Tracker was developed in cooperation with many subject matter experts (SMEs) who work within the industry. Because of our pricing model, pay-per-use, you can have unlimited downloads on as many phones or tablets as needed.


Formal reporting output is not what users are looking for. Therefor, Data Explorer is a simple-to-use, valuable PC tool that allows managers and administrators to easily review and organize all the data coming in from the shop floor as soon as it arrives. Build and run custom data searches with minimal training. Sorting, filtering and exporting data to Excel based on your needs is easily achieved with Krinkle Rebuild Tracker’s Data Explorer tool.


Our team can build any number of custom forms in a matter of days. Learn more about our platform technologies.

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