Krinkle Well Sites® is a complete software package that simplifies your lease operator’s ability to collect all production, environmental, and safety data at the well site. It also simplifies your back office employees’ ability to run a multitude of production and Environmental, health & safety (EH&S) reports. Required government reports such as the OGOR, Form ONRR-2014, severance tax reports, state reports, conservation reports, and more are automated. Krinkle Well Sites® allows your team to work smarter in the field and standardizes your compliance plan and workflow processes.

Krinkle Well Sites® is a mobile application that will eliminate paper in the field and guide your lease operators to collect the data needed. Our mobile application does more than simply ask your lease operators to answer questions. It is a “guided process” which ensures that each answer provided guides them logically to the next appropriate question or step in their work sequence. All complex calculations are automatically performed for your lease operators. Automatic photo labeling with GPS, date & time stamping ensures Proof-of-Work. Google Earth compatibility shows where workers were when they input their data. Easy reporting saves headaches, hours of time, and keeps your company’s reporting highly accurate.

When well sites are not producing as they should, your company is losing revenue. Krinkle Well Sites® allows your lease operators to easily enter gauge readings and run tickets, which then immediately calculates the production rate (BBLS/day), and shows them the production trend over the last many weeks. Falling production rates can easily be spotted, alerting the lease operators to any need for repairs. All the data collected will be stored centrally in our database and can be reported on at the touch-of-a-button, once the data has been synced. Maximize production and reduce your operational costs with Krinkle Well Sites®.

Krinkle Well Sites® can improve your company’s gauge & run-ticket programs and help streamline workflow processes. Simplify and automate calculations, save time, and reduce errors. Lease operators will be guided to input important gauge & run ticket data, such as opening & closing measurements, temperatures, BS&W (bottom sediment & water), and specific gravity. Using electronic gauge & run data makes production reporting easy for your private and governmental lease holders. This also creates excellent data visibility, which ensures that all employees can make better decisions, faster. All employees, from production supervisors to accountants, can say goodbye to unwieldy and burdensome spreadsheets.

Easily view and map out all your well sites using Google Earth. Our technology is fully integrated into Google Earth which allows users to easily and quickly create a live view that can be saved as a file (.KMZ and .KML file formats) and viewed or sent to others as needed. Not only does Google Earth provide an excellent visual as to where well sites are, but also provides the aspect of bread crumbing and work crumbing, which proves where your team has been and when they were there.

In addition to managing production data, lease operators are responsible for other duties and tasks during a typical work day. To keep job duties simple, Krinkle Well Sites® includes other guided processes that pertain to routine equipment inspections, equipment maintenance, and EH&S objectives. For example, if lease operators observe any risks in the field, they can easily submit a “Near Miss” form from the app. They can even elect to do so anonymously to increase compliance.


A wide variety of highly detailed reports and advanced data sorting capabilities are essential in the oil and gas industry. Krinkle Well Sites® provides the reports your company needs for production and compliance management. The data collected in the field can easily be reported on at the touch-of-a-button and will help improve operations.

Regulatory Reports

  • OGOR Report
  • ONNR-2014
  • Severance Tax Report
  • State Reports

Production Reports

  • 30 Day Gauge Sheet
  • First of the Month Report
  • Tank Time Until Full Report
  • Last Gauge Summary Report

EH&S Reports

  • Near Miss Forms
  • Midstream SPCC Reports
  • SPCC Photo Report
  • RICE Report
  • Engines without RICE Form
  • Air Pollution Control Reports


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The pricing philosophy ofKrinkle Well Sites® is based on a one-time account setup fee and a simple, annual, “per well site tracked” billing method. Krinkle Well Sites® includes sophisticated smart forms in coordination with our workflow capabilities, end-user support, and ongoing software updates. Additional customization requests are readily available, if needed.


Krinkle Well Sites® contains all the smart forms and guided process flows required for any lease operators’ needs. Our smart forms were developed in cooperation with subject matter experts in your industry. Download the application instantly on as many devices as needed, at no additional charge.


Krinkle Reporting Manager® generates reports from any PC or mobile device (iOS or Android). Provide any government regulatory report needed. These reports can be generated instantly and in many file formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF etc.). Run as many reports as you need and from as many PCs or mobile devices as you would like, at no extra charge.


Krinkle Data Explorer® is a quick way to view, sort, and filter the data as soon as it comes in. When formal reporting does show you the data the way you want, this tool allows users to view data and get answers to questions in ways that pre-existing reports may not. Krinkle Data Explorer® is a simple-to-use tool that allows managers and administrators to easily review and organize all the data coming in from the field. You can build and run custom searches with minimal training. Sorting, filtering, and exporting data to excel for any purpose is easily achieved.


Our team can build any number of custom forms in a matter of days. Learn more about our platform technologies.

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